Smart Lock

Smart Lock – Safe, Quick and Fast

System Overview

Domestic drainage system, pipes and fittings, diameter range: 32-63 mm

Pipe Raw material: PP, PPMD

System color: Black

Sealing: Dual-component injection-molded elastomeric pressure seal

SmartLock™ Huliot System Standards

Israel Standard No. 958: Polypropylene Pipes And Fittings For Soil And Waste Discharge (low And High Temperature)For Domestic Sanitary Installations License No. 737

Israel Standard No. 1119: Plastics Trap For Installation In Floors. License No. 1603

Israel Standard No. 1682: Plastics Collector For Installation In Floors. License No. 7426

Israel Standard No. 5694: Waste Fittings For Sanitary Appliances - Requirements And Test Methods License No. 47536

Israel Standard No. 14020: Green Label to mark Smartlock pipe and fitting system License No. 97575

System Installation

System Benefits

  • No need for chamfer, remove cutting remainders
  • No need for pipe lubrication
  • Soundproof system performance.
  • Sag-free piping
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • Black polypropylene, UV radiation inhibitor in the pipe.
  • Life expectancy - 100 years
  • Waste water maximum temperature 98° (Short term discontinuous)
  • Waste water maximum temperature 95° (Long term discontinuous)
  • Waste water maximum temperature -20°C
  • Quick installation, fitting with built-in seal
  • Long-lasting seal
  • High ring stiffness
  • High chemical resistance
  • Highly robust
  • High mechanical resistance
  • High elasticity modulus and impact resistance
  • Smooth pipe interior wall
  • High-definition contrast for optical inspection
  • Made in Israel
  • Israeli Standard Mark
  • Use of plain pipes

Technology Advantages

The usage of advanced technologies provides substantial advantages to the SMARTLOCK system.
The system is manufactured using a full robotic state-of-the-art technology

  • Each fitting undergoes visual and electronic quality control
  • Seals injected using an innovative dual component technology
  • Injection machines with integrated process control
  • High smoothness grades provided by high end extrusion lines
  • Meticulous quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process

System marking

Pipe marking
Marking of the fittings

Technical Specification

Property Value Test Method
System Brand Name Smart Lock™
Application Domestic drainage system, pipes and fittings Diameter range: 32-63 mm
Pipe Material External layer: PP Co-polymer (black). UV radiation inhibitor in the pipe.
Internal layer: PP Co-polymer (white). provides the best flow performance and high-definition contrast for optical inspection
Middle layer: PP Co-polymer and PP-MD. provide high mechanical resistance and excellent soundproof performance.
Fitting Material PP-MD | PP
Connection Ratchet lock
Seal Material TPE elastomeric pressure seal
Color Black
Diameter Ø 32-63mm
Pipe series S16 / S20
Elasticity Modulus 800-1600 N/mm² DIN53457
Mean coefficient of Elongation 0,09 mm/m • C° DIN VDE 0304-1-4
Minimum Working Temperature -25°C
Waste Water Temp. (Max.) +95° (continuous) +98° (discontinuous)
Chemical Resistance PH2 to PH12 DIN 8078
Halogen & Cadmium Content Free of halogen or cadmium
UV Resistance Suitable for external installation when protected from exposure to direct sunlight (for instance, by means of special UV protective coating); can be stored outside up to two years
International Construction Standard For Domestic drainage hot waste system, pipes and fittings EN-1451
Construction Standard SI 958
License/certificates 737
Green Label 70304

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