The leading Israeli pipe manufacturer, Huliot A.C.S. Ltd. has announced the opening of its first India plant, to begin manufacturing on December 1.

The plant is located in the Gujarati city of Vadodara, and is defined by the company’s management as a temporary facility, until completion of its planned factory in the Industrial park known as Dahej 2, also in Gujarat. Construction is expected to begin on the latter site, after next year’s monsoon. Huliot owns a 40,000 square meter site in Dahej, which is also close to a new shipping port, currently being developed. 

“We have been studying the Indian market for over 5 years, and are extremely bullish about the growth opportunities surrounding the Indian construction sector. India is a highly competitive market with many competent manufacturers, but the construction sector is clearly undergoing a formative transition to higher rise buildings, and there is an awareness among developers and planners alike, that plumbing and drainage systems can and should be improved. Moreover, India is a market that appreciates quality and certain segments of the market are also prepared to pay for it”, Huliot C.E.O. Paul Steiner said.

The new Huliot plant is a Polypropylene plant, a rarity in an almost exclusively PVC market. Huliot’s VP Marketing, Ariel Apeloig, notes “high rise construction and changes in building techniques have created a growing awareness of the need for acoustic drainage solutions. Some of these are imported and in use already today, but we are pioneers in manufacturing PP acoustic systems in India, thereby guaranteeing credibility of supply and overcoming significant logistical drawbacks. Our Ultra-Silent™ and Ultra-Silent Plus™ systems are already widely regarded as the best systems available and we are confident they will be readily adopted by Indian planners. They are the most environmentally friendly drainage systems manufactured anywhere today, and India has a strong focus on environmental issues.”

Huliot already drew some attention in May this year, when it announced the purchase of the assets and activities of the Slovenian manufacturer Argo d.o.o. and according to Steiner, these steps are part of a well-planned, long-term strategy of international expansion. It is understood Huliot also plans to manufacture its PP-HT drainage systems in India, as well as a range of sink traps and siphons for the Indian market.

Expansion / PP drainage systems
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